Thursday, July 9, 2015

Driving Color

After nearly ten years of garden neglect (five since the coma), I finally moved many of my daylilies this spring. Back when I first planted these daylilies, there were only a few dozen (okay, that's a lie... I planted over a hundred...but who's counting?)

It has now been more than a decade of watching them get overrun by weeds and grass. When the tiny shoots first popped up this year, I tried to dig as many out as I possibly could and replanted them with all of the new roses from Der Rosenmeister Nursery in Ithaca. I wasn't expecting any of the daylilies to bloom, given the shock of transplanting and the weirdness of our very dry spring.

Surprise! This has been the biggest year of blooms ever! I am seeing blooms on daylilies that I had no idea we had. Rich color and huge blooms are everywhere!! So how many did I end up moving this spring? Well over 200 at last count. There are still over 200 more still in pots waiting to be divided and replanted. Exhausts me just thinking about it.

I am realizing as I watch things growing in, that I am really bad about judging space between plants. Inevitably, I plant things way too close together. The upside is that the garden beds look great this year! Next year though, things are going to need to be divided again I guess. I should probably join a plant trade group and swap with folks who have vines (which we need) or shrubs etc. Anyone need some amazing daylilies?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Sunset

Summer sunsets can be dramatic or boring as can be. So much depends on cloud cover and the amount of moisture in the air. My favorite images are usually taken immediately after a storm has passed overhead.

Last night we were at Lodi Point on Seneca Lake. The sky was about as bald as it can be. Just about the time the sun was starting to set a line of thick grey clouds came over the western horizon and totally blotted out the sun. I waited around for a while, hoping that the sky would have some dramatic changes in color or texture. Nope.

To make the most of the slowly moving clouds, and hoping to squeeze a little bit of color out of the swiftly setting sun, I put a 6 stop ND filter on my Fuji 18-55mm f/2.8-4R... and aimed for that sweet spot of about 30 seconds exposure.

My next goat is to find something interesting for my foreground, to draw the eye while allowing the sky and water to do their thing. That means I will be looking for interesting docks and lake-side attractions like overhanging trees, large rocks, etc. Can't wait for the weather to cooperate!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


The graduation ceremony yesterday was bittersweet. It was amazing to see Aurora walk with all of her classmates. They have all been through so many things together over the years. I dont remember being able to decorate my mortarboard. VERY cool to see an orca show up on Aurora's.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Graduation is Tomorrow

Today, Aurora had her rehearsal for tomorrow's graduation. She came home with her cap and gown... which meant we had to try it on and have some fun. Even Georgia Rose got in on the fun, although she couldn't quite figure out what the business with the tassels was. Tasty though.

Tomorrow I will pack my camera alongside my handkerchief. Perhaps after the big day is over I will be able to collect my thoughts and words into something coherent. I wish I could explain away my emotional state by blaming it on jet lag from Texas. If you had seen the look on Aurora's face after she finished her job interview this afternoon it might make more sense. 

So much is coming together so fast right now. It feels like that last heavy, empty glide in the  jet plane just before the wheels touch down... so fast, so loud and then WHAM! You are on the ground and rolling. Or maybe it is the surge down the runway just before takeoff? 

Who says Doodles can't go to graduation ceremonies? 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kara! Kara! Kara!

Last weekend, Aurora and I went to Austin, TX to meet Kara. Matt and Maggie Spangenberg are the luckiest parents anywhere! Kara is the coolest! Relaxed and calm, hard to ruffle... Kara is amazing. Here are a few images from our way-too-short visit to TX. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Loss for Words

Today Aurora got on the school bus for her last day of high school. I didnt photograph her first day heading off on the bus, back in second grade because ... well, because there was going to be another day just like it a day later.

In her hands today, she has three gallon bags full of cookies for her teachers. She baked these yesterday morning. This morning, I made toasted coconut pancakes for her. I never make breakfast for the family on a school day.

Watching the bus roll on down the road, I am filled with feelings and a dearth of words. Time to give the feeling room to roam. Maybe the words will come later.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Prom and Graduation Season

It is the best part of the transition from Spring to Summer... the onset of Prom and Graduation Season. I know it isn't on everyone's calendars, but if you have a teenager in High School, this is the season they have been looking forward to all year. While HS seniors get ready for their graduation day photos with their family, juniors are calling to make sure they can get their senior photos made during the cross-over from Summer into Fall... right as school resumes. It is a wild and exciting time. Seeing all these great faces I have come to know over many years, all getting ready to fly the coop. 

We do have a few remaining available dates for portrait work in both May and June. Yeah, I know... availability in June? We decided to cut back on our wedding schedule this summer and there are still a few slots available for location portraits this summer! Now is the time to call and reserve a session. Fall dates are already booking. 

Lastly, while we are not scheduled to photograph any of the local proms this year, we are available on a very limited basis to create images of individuals and couples before prom. Call asap to reserve your date!