Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Fun With Light Shaping Tools

©2010 Alex Solla Photography

I need more folks to photograph. Simple as that. As much as I love shooting Nancy, she hates being photographed almost as equally. Not a great combination.

Tonight I wanted to spend some time getting to know one of my new light shapers... the Softliter II from Photek (bought at Adorama last week). This puppy is HUGE! I have never worked with an umbrella bigger than about 30 inches. This is double that! Once mounted on a lightstand, I found out very quickly that I have very low ceilings. I couldn't even raise it up three feet!

The best part about this light shaper is that it casts an enormous enveloping light. It is almost a wall of soft light. So much more I want to try with it, but night is here, and last night I didn't get much sleep. Tomorrow morning I will be up at 5am and at the location for the shoot before 6am. Busy busy busy.

For now, here's a quick shot of what the softliter looks like.

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