Thursday, August 19, 2010

Putnam County Spelling Bee - Shooting at the Hangar Theater

This week I spent some time shooting at the Hangar Theater during technical rehearsals. The upcoming play is the Putnam County Spelling Bee which should be a wonderful performance. Having never shot live drama of this nature, it was a whole new experience.

If you've shot with available light, you're familiar with the difficulties of trying to shoot in low light conditions. The extraordinary contrast between the dark of the room/audience and the brightness of the stage made for a huge challenge in balancing exposure. Seeing as how I was basically trying to be invisible, the last thing I felt I could ask of the cast was to hold still so I could get a good light reading. So I wing-ed it. Made do and chimped to my heart's content.

The first few images were less-than-stellar. The rest were closer to what I wanted.

So here they are, unedited, in their initial glory. Your thoughts? Suggestions? Edits you think would improve the images?


  1. These look great. I shot final dress this afternoon and I agree it is going to be a good show.

  2. Thanks Tom. I'm really wishing I had been able to spend more time there this week. Just too darned busy with everything here, trying to close down the studio.

    Looking forward to seeing what you were able to get today at the final dress rehearsal.