Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sam and Scotty

Last summer, we had the most amazing family gathering at Sam's mountaintop retreat. Between the company, the food, the mud and the fun... it was just a blast! I tried to capture a few images throughout the day. This is my favorite image from the Boccadori family reunion last July. The original image was pretty different. Here's a quick glimpse through the changes.

At the time when I shot this, I didn't think much of the image. It took a while for it to really grow on me. It's a great moment, a wonderful candid capture sure... but the horse trailer behind them is distracting, the huge amount of open space around their bodies... all of that detracts from what I was hoping to catch.

Then I started looking at it without color. Things started getting more interesting to me.

I tried a few different modifications until I returned to my favorite black and white converter, Nik Silver Efex Pro. Then I realized the image desperately needed cropping. Voila! Now I think it captures the intimacy perfectly!

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