Saturday, August 7, 2010

Working Hands

I have a new project. I have an artistic director who has some amazing ideas she wants to illustrate. My job is to come up with some photographic representations that can be photo-manipulated for the final illustration.

The goal: upheld hands, holding fire.

So today we had our first hand-model arrive at the studio just before 10am. Half an hour later, we had a few good shots and were ready to see where this is going.

The first shot was more or less just to make sure the damned strobes were firing. Right off the bat we had problems with my speedlites. Normally trouble free and pretty darned simple to work with, today they wouldn't fire. Didn't matter what I did to crank them up. I tried and tried, but they failed to fire every single time. I figured there had to be something wrong with the way my camera was set up. (Sure enough, after we had finished with our hand model, I figured out that we had the camera on the wrong channel for the flashes! Duh.)

The second shot is pretty close to what I was hoping for. Nice glow to the skin, and nice contrast.

The third image is closer to what my mind saw from the outset. Now I need to see what I can work up in the way of fire. Ideas anyone?


  1. Here are some ideas. :)

    25 Stunning Photoshop Fire & Explosion Tutorials

    Light a fire with Photoshop.

    Panopticum Fire 3.0 Plugins for Adobe Photoshop

    Okay baby .... light my fire! : ; )

  2. Okay, Joe WINS today's praise (and a cup of your favorite beverage!) This approach was perfect. Within a few short hops, I found three tutorials that worked perfect. Well, at least, I think they worked well.