Friday, September 3, 2010


Ferro, shot with Nikon D300s, 60mm Macro, in natural light.

Trying to capture our cats photographically has always been something of a challenge. Our big orange tabby (who is no longer as orange as he used to be), Ferro, is the easier of the two. Luna, being black as night, seems to show up as all shadow, no form.

Yesterday, after getting the new tripod head fixed and usable, I had to play for a little while. With most of our garden as crispy as a fall leaf thanks to precious little rain, there is nothing in bloom. That left me with cats for subject matter. Luckily, mid-afternoon, they are both pretty somnolent.

If anyone has any advice for trying to shoot dark furred critters, PLEASE send the ideas along.


  1. Ugh. Black cats and snowscapes, the bane of photographers everywhere.
    We have a black tuxedo cat, and about all I can suggest is shoot with LOTS of light, and bracket widely.
    And shoot lots of frames.
    And pray a lot, if you're the religious sort... ;-)

  2. Adding more light often seems so counter-intuitive. Sometimes, in window light, the cat seems to almost glow... so it is hard for me to think that still MORE light needs to be added. I know you're right though. I just struggle getting used to the limited range of light that a digital camera cant see. Alright, so TONS of light. Can do.