Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Friday Gallery Walk in Rochester

Last night, we were invited up to Rochester for the First Friday Gallery Walk by our friend Sabra, who is part of Crocus Clay Works. Crocus Clay Works is a group studio comprised of Sabra Wood, Jennifer Buckley and Marie Verlinde. Their studio takes part in almost all the First Friday gallery walks every month, but this week they were closed as they prepared for the Clothesline Sale at the Memorial Art Gallery next weekend. Sabra suggested Nancy, Aurora and I come up and check out all the other gallery goings-on in Rochester, grab a bite at Dogtown and make a night of it. WHAT A BLAST! We haven't had much of a chance to get out the past few years. Between hockey for more than half of the year, and needing to keep the gallery open weekends for customers, it has been eons since we were able to take the night off and go play.

After we had a chance to visit some of the amazing artists in the Hungerford Building, we headed out to dinner at Dogtown, but not before Aurora saw the light in the sky changing. She grabbed my camera and insisted that I try to catch the falling light on the building. This is my effort. Initially, I felt that the saturation was just too much. It really was that loud, but for my eyes, it was just too much. So I laid a darker layer of a black and white version of this image OVER the other, then reduced the opacity of that layer, so the color could come through but less so.

This is the orginal version of the image above.

If you haven't been to Dogtown, you haven't lived.

We had heard about their amazing food from Sabra, but that didn't prepare us for what we walked into. They recently were written up in Edible Fingerlakes, which really made us want to try it out. Nancy had the Bernese Mountain Dog. Aurora tried something totally new for her: the Greek Stray with tzatziki sauce, feta, olives and tomatoes... she was in heaven! I tried their spicier offerings: the Coyote and the Tex-Mex Mutt... both with things like salsa, hot peppers, melted cheese... TOTAL AWESOMENESS. Sabra had the Polish Sausage Sandwich and that blew my mind. Now we have to go back and try MORE! Check out their menu and I'd be surprised if you don't find five or ten different versions that you want to try!

So yeah, we saw lots of art, ate great fun food, and had a wonderful time thanks to our great friend Sabra. The idea that they do this every month is Rochester just means we'll be back up there on October first!

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