Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting there

Okay, we're getting there. The big stuff has been installed. Now onto the little crap that make my life more manageable. I guess I had forgotten how much software goes into making my computer go. Damn. Wish I had kept track of all the places this stuff came from. Jeez. I think this time I need to make a working backup of all the programs... any ideas out there how I can do this? I am tired of having to go searching for all the install disks. Isn't there a way to ghost an image of my software and OS so that everything is reinstall-able from one or ten DVDs?


  1. Clonezilla Live might do what you're after -

  2. Alex, are you working windows or mac? Mac uses Time Machine, which originally makes a complete mirror of your hard drive, then adds the changes every time you use it after that. So if the hard drive crashes - Time machine just reinstalls the entire drive from scratch. You only lose the information since the last backup....
    I have it on an external 1 terrabyte hard drive.
    With Windows there are several online programs you can use, sites where you do pretty much the same thing - it just takes longer to upload and download, with smaller storage space, all at the mercy of the internet.