Thursday, October 7, 2010

Images from Demetra and Eddie's Wedding - edited and then some

Tonight I think I will skip the heavy verbiage and jump straight in... I LOVE LIGHTROOM. Yes. After all my suffering to try to learn it on my own, I broke down and started going through every tutorial I could find. Started watching Matt Kloskowski's blog ... and okay... okay...okay, I'm hooked. I love the editing abilities and the customization is just SICK.

Thanks to Justin out in Modesto I am now a Lightroom convert. Damn. Was hoping I had enough software to fight off the Mongol hordes... but no. Now I need Lightroom on all my machines. Oh boy!

Now that we have that squared away, let's talk about this wedding. I could post new images from Demetra and Eddie's wedding for the rest of this year. Seriously. Nancy and I shot so many images, and the success rate was amazing. Great light, wonderful people, terrific expressions... all combined to make the job of culling images so difficult. Now that I have delivered the first round of images, my next job is to put those images through their paces. Time to do some editing, cropping, retouching, etc. These images above are the first round from this evening's edits.

Tomorrow: Set up for Art Trail. That means hanging prints, cleaning the floor and generally sprucing things up. After seven years of folks showing up to look at pots, this year we'll be showing a lot of different examples of my new work. And if all goes well tomorrow, we may even have COOKIES! Come early before Nancy and I scarf down all these cookies!!

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