Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making up for lost time

Aurora understands why I need to be outside in the Fall. From June till now, I wait for Autumn. When the chill winds come out of the west with misty rain, I start to smile. When the rain clears, and the trees peak with color... I get happy. Last year I missed the Fall. I closed my eyes September 8th, and woke up over a month later. By the time I could hold my head up enough to see out the window, snow had fallen. When we drove home from the hospital at the tail end of the first week of November, the trees were bare. I have never felt more cheated. I waited all Summer for that Fall. I came back from a gray world... into this gray world. I was pretty disappointed. This year did not disappoint.

You absolutely HAVE to click on this image. This was one of Aurora's panoramas, stitched together from 8 images.

All images, ©2010, Aurora Solla


  1. Wow - Aurora! What a fabulous image!! Love it!

  2. Love the pano- excellent stitching job!
    And the dogwood leaves are gorgeous. Down here, the sassafras trees are turning similar colors. Love the reds.

  3. I am consistently surprised by what Aurora sees when she's shooting. More fun stuff coming! Tonight I posted one of my panos from last weekend. I have to give the new Photoshop CS5 credit for making the panorama process much MUCH easier.

  4. So glad you're able to experience fall this year. The panorama is lovely- we just don't get color like that down here in south Texas...

  5. @Amy- Aurora's eye for color and contrast is really exciting for me to see. She isnt always the most patient in terms of waiting for the light to be perfect, but how much patience can anyone expect out of a teenager?

    For now, I am just thrilled that she wants to go out shooting with me at all!