Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Images From Our Brief Holiday Foray Into PA

This weekend has been filled with lots of people coming out to the studio while visiting lots of other artists on the Greater Ithaca Art Trail. Unfortunately, with only a few minor exceptions, they have all arrived with the hopes of finding pottery.

As much as I really want to share the vision of our new venture with people, I think there is a palpable disappointment in our lack of pots. I think many people have left our studio feeling cheated somehow. No matter our explanation (which really needs no justification...) there has been a very odd tone to this year's Art Trail for us. Not a bad thing, but odd. As though folks have come expecting a party and instead found a wake.

Tomorrow is the last day of Art Trail. With this landmark of the fall past, I think the next few weeks will be spent on marketing and promotion in hopes of drumming up new business to carry us through fall, winter and into the coming year. More on that perhaps tomorrow.

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