Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scenes from a Diner

While on our photo excursion into PA on Monday, we had to make the obligatory stop at the Wellsboro diner. Between Nancy and I, we shot the better part of fifty images in and around the diner. I find it fascinating how Nancy and I interpret similar subject matter, when shooting with the same camera and lens. All things being equal, we still come away with different ways of seeing. I LOVE IT. Hopefully tomorrow I can post more of the images from our trip. Got to get some last minute work done on a presentation I am giving next week... yeah, I know, that doesn't sound too last minute to most people.


  1. When we were first dating, my wife and I discovered that we can both go to the same place, stand in the same spot, and still come back with totally different images. We can't wait to get home and see what the other person did!

  2. Wow, Nancy has a great eye! I love that second shot - never would have thought to frame it that way. It makes the truck outside look like a circus stage.

  3. I agree Dana. I think that image alone was worth the cost of lunch! There's so much said in that one image. And NONE of these are the best images from the day... just the ones I most wanted to edit. Go figure.