Monday, October 4, 2010

Setting up for strobes

Aurora and I spent a big chunk of time yesterday trying to figure out a way to trip the optical slave sensors on the strobes by using one of my Speedlites as a trigger. No luck. Not sure why. Ended up going with my wireless Cactus triggers, which didn't do exactly what I needed. I think I either need to bump up to radio triggers like Pocket Wizards, or Radio Poppers.... or somehow accept that shooting at a wedding with optical slaves means that everyone else's flashes will be tripping my strobes.

Means that sometimes my strobes wont trigger at all, while they're recharging. Sometimes that means I miss the shot. It happened last night and I wasn't pleased. So, I need to figure out a way around this dilemma. With precious little money in the coffers, I am open to creative suggestions, links, websites.

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