Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wonderful Portrait Session yesterday

©2010 Alex Solla Photography

©2010 Alex Solla Photography

Natalie and I have been taking the AFCU's Getting Down To Business class for the past two months. In that short span of time, I have come to expect nothing but the most engaging of insights from her. When she asked me to help her with a portrait for her website I was honored and a bit nervous. That nervousness vanished within minutes of her walking into the studio, smile ablazing. Shooting portraits is such a fun mix of engagement and rapport... almost like dance. There is so much give and take between both parties, that there is tremendous amount of risk and trust involved.

With the best experiences, and with subjects like Natalie, my job is so easy and fun because the stories flow, ideas are generated and in such a short span of time we're past the awkward stage and moments later, we're done. Cards are full of great images, and we're looking at the images on the computer. ZOOM. Looking back it is hard to see the point where things just clicked, but once you feel it, you ride the wave. Thank you Natalie, for a wonderful afternoon!

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