Sunday, November 21, 2010

Falling Away

After the rains of the past two weeks, the leaves are a memory. Trees are now distinctly either green and coniferous, or bare boned till Spring. When Aurora and I went out for our fall leaf-peeping safari we thought we would be able to go out many more times before the foliage turned. Nope. Once the rains and wind came through, it made short work of all the color. Which isn't to say that we're left with nothing to shoot... it's just that from now till early spring, the colors are much more muted and the weather more capricious.

Today, on the way back from hearing Aurora's band performance at the All-County Festival, Nancy and I decided to take the long way home. We headed North from Groton and found ourselves wandering about the farms alongside Owasco Lake. Having never really spent much time in this area, I was fascinated. It seems hard to imagine a time when folks settled this land. It isn't a very forgiving landscape. I'd love to see what Owasco Lake is like during the summer months.

We headed West once we reached the lovely town of Scipio. I have a laugh every time I think about how this name SHOULD be pronounced, and then remember that in upstate NY all bets are off when it comes to butchering the original name of some place.

From Scipio we continued over hill and dale, across massive windswept fields and through farms with acres of cowsheds that rolled on and on. Just as we reached the crest of the ridge, I started noticing the depth of the ditches on the side of the road. You could lose a car in one and not even notice it was gone. No less than 5 feet deep and probably considerably wider. Nancy explained that due to the windswept snow that socks these roads in for much of the winter, they have to have somewhere to PUT all of that snow when they clear the roads. Never thought about it that way. We live just across the lake from this area, and our neck of the woods sees nowhere near as much snow. Odd.

After driving through a whole new area today, it gave me ideas for things I would like to go back and shoot at a time when we haven't been gone from the house all afternoon. With full bellies, and the cats taken care of, I think it could make for a great photo safari. Certainly doesn't really look like the area that surrounds our home, that's for sure!

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