Monday, November 1, 2010

Other Ways of Seeing

It's one thing to try to throw nice gentle light on your subject when your main goal is to smooth out wrinkles or to hide blemishes in the skin. It is another thing all together to try to shoot in the dead of night and yet still capture detail that might not really be there.

Last night, while trying to catch the kid in her costume, I learned a few things.
  1. you cant focus in the dark without some sort of assistance
  2. when you turn off the autofocus lamp on your camera, you'd better know how to turn it back on!
  3. in the event you cant muddle you way through the menus on your camera in the total darkness, you had better remember to have included a headlamp in your bag.
  4. if your kid is laughing, chances are she's laughing AT you.

This was shot with an off-camera SB-600 speedlight set to camera left about 5 feet from the subject, set to 1/32 power. 85mm 1.8, shot pretty close in. Minor adjustments for saturation and contrast in Lightroom 3.

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