Friday, December 24, 2010

Fellow Potter from Utah State - Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert was a fellow student while I was at Utah State. One of my earliest experiences upon arriving at USU, was preparing wood for the woodkiln. Mark and I fired the catenary arched kiln a few times together, each taking shifts through the firing. Later we would toss pots into eachother's firings...whether they be salt kilns, wood kilns or just reduction firings.

Mark's work has always struck me as being made for wood firing. His throwing style lent/lends itself to the atmospheric conditions of the wood kiln. He's always made soft pots with kind shoulders and open spaces to let the flame and ash play across the surfaces. It was always fun to see how different our pots were when coming out of the same firing. Definitely makes me miss firing with wood!

Current work posted on his faculty website.

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