Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Images from Renata Wadsworth's Holiday Sale 2010

Today as I was unloading the dishwasher, I got to handle two small bowls of Renata's that Nancy and I purchased about two weeks ago at her holiday sale. It was so cool to be holding someone else's bowls! These bowls are smaller than my old bowls. Downright cute really.

One of the larger serving bowls that we purchased is just begging for us to host a dinner party. I almost want to have something quick to eat so we can gaze on the amazing decoration as we slowly work our way through the rest of the meal. Her shino surface on this wide low bowl is almost iridescent and metallic.

I originally planned to show up early to her sale on Wed (the 15th of Dec), but as life would have it, we got bogged down here at home. Luckily, Renata had planned a second day for her opening... so we arrived late in the morning on Saturday. As we pulled up to her house, there were just tons of cars parked all along the road. My original intention was to have time to set up strobes and such... no luck. So I set up as quick as I could, grabbed my second favorite lens and started shooting. My favorite lens, of course, was in my larger camera bag back at home. Duh.

I have always marveled at the copious amount of light that floods Renata's studio. After twenty years of making pots, I can safely say, I have NEVER had a view. Most of my studios had simple concrete walls for a view. Renata gets to look out on the most wonderful view! Here are a few shots from her holiday show.

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