Friday, December 17, 2010

Julie Crosby's Amazing Wood Fired Pots

Two mugs by Julie Crosby, ©2009

When I picked these two mugs up at the Trumansburg Mother's Day Sale back in 2009, I couldn't put them down. Like any potter, I immediately felt the mugs for heft, for how the handles felt in my hand, for how the lip fit against my own.... and damned if I didn't have to take them home.

I have wanted a chance to capture the two mugs side by side in an image but other priorities have pushed that back over and over. This week I finally managed to pull together these two images. I love the subtleness of the white glaze against the warm clay showing beneath at the foot. Just enough reaction to the flame to melt the glaze more in some areas, less in others. I think this is a classic example where the best possible glaze for these mugs was the one they were given. Sweet, subtle and sublime. Thank you Julie! These mugs make my day, every day.

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