Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

Christmas is a fun time for our family. We drive an hour south to spend the day with Nancy's parents in Corning. There's a gorgeous tree, decorations everywhere, swags and holly,... and the smells of a glorious meal awaiting us. After a quick brunch we are pulled to the tree to begin the shredding of holiday wrapping paper! Opening presents is such a blast when everyone has such wildly different interests! This year we added two new guests to our family holiday: my mom came up from Florida and our friend Sabra came down from Rochester. Together we filled the Van Wormer house with mayhem for Christmas day!

There is nothing as much fun as being in the same room with Sabra and Aurora. Add to that, the holiday fun of gift giving, great food and the whole family experience... and it just makes Christmas ROCK!

Nancy's dad, Gordon

My mom and Aurora sitting behind the Christmas tree.

Sandy and Aunt Mary reveling in Christmas morning.

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