Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ms. Clifton and Peace on Earth

©2010 Sabra & Clifton Wood, Alex Solla Photography

This is my first holiday card/pet portrait, thanks to my friend Sabra (and Ms. Clifton!). I imagined that we would need cat whisperers, pet wranglers, set designers... and Sabra was all that and 10x more. I have never seen such a well behaved animal in my entire life. It was a pleasure I was totally not anticipating. In the span of less than an hour, we shot approximately 180 images. Editing through them to choose the best of the batch was tough.

When I finished my first run-through, I sent Sabra a quick-n-dirty website with my favorite images as a website for her to choose from. Here's the website. After selecting her favorite 4-5 images I sat down and did some rough editing, throwing out ideas for a holiday card. Today we put the finishing touches on the holiday card. Having done a fair amount of consulting back and forth either by phone or via email, I have to admit to preferring the in person style of interacting. Today we were able to sit down, move stuff around, see changes as they came up... all while having fun and talking through the whole process. I am sure some designers would be aghast at working this way, but I love it. I think it is my nature to be more of a teacher and collaborator. I think working with someone in this manner requires a certain level of confidence and composure ... and on top of that, you have to be willing to have your ideas shot down right then and there... which I found very reassuring. I hadn't had the time to grow attached to any ideas, so changing things was just part of the process. I loved it!

I have plans for a few more family portraits before the holidays kick into high gear. After that, we're taking appointments for New Year's greeting cards. Should be a very fun next couple of weeks!

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