Friday, December 31, 2010

Other Potter's Pots - More Pots from Utah

I can't find my notes on this mug. I think it was either made by Hannah Wilde
or by Laura Patterson. Can anyone shed some light?

So why am I posting more pictures of pots? Well, this will be the first new year I have welcomed in with no intention of making pots in over twenty years. I am definitely feeling done. Breaks my heart more than I can convey.

Looking at other potter's pots this week while Renata was visiting made me realize how much time and energy I had put into collecting pots for my "teaching" collection. Sometimes the pots weren't the best from that potter, but they always offered something remarkable and teachable.

I feel terrible. I can't find any information in my notes about which student made this. Damn. Anyone remember?

I miss the sharing/teaching aspect of clay far more than the making aspect. Strangely enough, it feels like photography is allowing me to share more of my clay/art knowledge than making pots ever did. Go figure.

I wouldn't go so far as to say we have a huge collection of pots, especially not after having lived with Malcom Mobutu Smith (damn, the guy had 100x more pots than he had socks! and from every major big-to-do potter imagineable!)... but we have a fair number. I guess some of them have so many stories I am always unsure where to begin (or where to end for that matter).

This crunchy teabowl was courtesy of Joe Chesla. I used to have nightmares about this slip. It creates such a wicked surface!

Here is a link to Joe's current work as
Associate Professor, St Louis Community College Meramec, St Louis MO

This handsome little vase was made by Dotie(sp?) Layton.
I love the crystal growth in the Oribe glaze!
Fun, exciting reactions!

As I am sure is true of so many folks who've moved due to school, family, or work, I have lost touch with so many of these potters. I miss seeing what new work they're making!

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