Monday, January 3, 2011

Pots from Julie Crosby & Renata Wadsworth

Renata Wadsworth, vase with white glaze and Oribe, 2010©

Julie Crosby, shot glass with white glaze, 2009 ©

This holiday season I spent a big chunk of time indoors, trying to get over one cold after another. After a year of being illness free, this was quite a surprise. Guess what the New Year gave me? Another head cold. Ugh. So today, when I wanted to be outside enjoying the faux-Spring air, I was instead inside, nursing my raw nose and my aching throat. Every cough made my belly spasm, which as you can guess, is dangerous given how bad the hernias already are at this point.

With arms wrapped around myself, and hoping not to bust a gut... I tried putting more pots from our collection into our new digital museum. Today's additions include a wonderful small shot glass from Julie Crosby and a wicked vase from Renata Wadsworth. It is always a challenge trying to photography white or light colored pots. Especially if there is any flare. In both cases, the white had just enough texture and contrast that I was able to get it to pop out from the background without too much effort.

Shot with a Nikon D300s, 55-200 VR f4-5.6 IF-ED lens, using Strobelite strobes. Still working on finding a better wireless setup. Ideas are welcomed!

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