Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shoot the Glass

My apologies to Alan Rickman in Die Hard, but I had to do it.

Hans Gruber: [during a shootout with McClane, who is barefoot] Karl, schieƟ dem Fenster
Hans Gruber: .
[Karl gives Hans a puzzled look. Exasperated, Hans repeats it in English]
Hans Gruber: SHOOT the GLASS!

Thoughts from the day:

  • Photographing glass objects is not simple.
  • I don't think there is a single right way to shoot glass (or metallic jewelry either).
  • From what I can tell, photographing glass objects is sort of like anti-Rogaine. You will definitely pull out all your hair as you chase down specular highlights and spots of glare.
  • Everyone has their particular idea of what glass should look like.
  • Everyone loves glass.
  • Except photographers, who only moan and complain when they have to photograph glass.
  • I think I like this challenge.


  1. Well done. Personally, I like some highlight and reflection on glass pieces, as long as it isn't too distracting or blown out.

  2. I agree Brian. I think without the specular highlights, you dont really get the "sparkle" of the glass. Too much glare, for sure, and you lose detail. One thing I would love to be able to do it get the glare to turn into more of a starburst. Not really sure how to get that to happen. Working on it!

  3. Now I need to find a way to make an insert for the table we use to shoot on, so that it can have a clear spot of plexi to push light through. Anyone know of an easy way to do this?

  4. Starcross filter? Basically a clear glass mount with a fine wire crosshair in it. Only problem is that they turn every bright highlight into a star, so you'd have to control them carefully and try and get it down to just one bright highlight.

  5. If the table doesn't have a bunch of bracing underneath, I'd just cut a rectangle out of the middle, then go to Lowes and get a piece of white plexi..... well, maybe go to Lowes first.