Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Pots of Mine From My Grad School Days

I know, I haven't been shooting much outside of the studio. Blame me being sick since the holidays. Blame it being cold outside. Who knows? Maybe I just feel like I really need to work on my technique behind the camera so it becomes more automatic when working with clients... who knows? For now, I am happy working indoors, with the heat turned up, and the pots from our collection just keep on coming!

The first piece here is my first attempt at a narrow teabowl, made when I first arrived at Utah State. Neil Estrick had built a tiny salt kiln to play fire in. Having never fired with salt, I was jazzed to see how the salt attacked the surface and changed my normally black tenmoku to more of a golden molasses color. Strange thing was... I only made pots in this style for about two months and never went back.

These last two bowls (three images) were made in the final months of my time at USU. I had finished my thesis exhibition (and all the insane drama that ensued), and had some time on my hand before having to leave UT behind. I had been toying with the idea of colored slips, loaded with stains and fluxed a little more than most potters would flux a slip (closer to a glaze to begin with), and then overlaid that with a rich "white" fake ash, high calcium glaze. I love the way it pulls at the colored slips and how the color modulates and collects in odd rivulets. I feel like this body of work was just beginning during this time. One of those periods I wouldn't mind going back to and working through some more!

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