Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying Out New Lighting Ideas

Frank Ozereko, 2008©

This is probably splitting hairs for most folks... but for me, this gives me fits at times. It is one thing to create nice even flattering light. It is another thing completely to add drama to your light while still keeping the subject well balanced. Not a simple task.

Today's subject is a face bowl from Frank Ozereko. Frank was my ceramics professor at UMASS when I was in college. He sent me these after we caught up to one another at the Craft Boston show a few years ago. I love the rich texture and character in these bowls! The best part is that there is a different face on the flip side. Once I figure out what sort of light works best for these, I am going to shoot all four faces and do a composite image. Things to come.

So, what image grabs you? Is there one that really fails to communicate?


  1. It's like one of those concentration games to figure out what's different! Once I focused, I can see it. #2 and #7 would be my choices for light, clarity of color and form, and in the latter image, that little bit of light eludes to the glaze quality. Nice experiment, Alex!

  2. Thanks Kristen. There's so much that goes into a good pot, and there's a fair amount that goes into the making of the image. It is such a balancing act between capturing the image accurately, and giving it some life (via light). Back when we were at Alfred, Joe Streno shot one of my carved forms, and the light MADE the piece. With just standard, normal lighting, it had no life. I think sometimes we have to play a little to see how much light can do to give pots (and other objects) life and breath.

  3. My picks would be 2, 6 and 7. 2 and 6 seem a bit more dimensional in the face for me, 7 looks flatter somehow. I think 6 would be my final pick.