Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working With a Great Designer

Nancy and I have been going on photo-safaris together since we first got together. Most of the time we try to find someplace out of the way. Something overlooked. We both approach the scene with fresh eyes. At the end of the day we come away and we realize that we saw the same object with very different eyes. I love looking at Nancy's images after we've had a chance to digest. Today I took the leap of doing a major overhaul of the archiving workflow of our images. Nancy's images hadn't been backed up in a while, so while I was setting that up, I realized that I should make her a catalogue in Lightroom that was comprised of just her photographs.

The more I saw of her older images, the more I wanted to try bringing them back to life. For the most part, the Kodak easyshare point-n-shoot that Nancy normally uses leaves something to be desired in the final image. Thank God for Lightroom. Five minutes of post-production and the images look like plump currants after soaking up the brandy. Nancy said that they now look like they felt when she shot them. High praise!

As I finished working on this set of images, my first instinct is to compile them in preparation for a book. I think Nancy's work is certainly deserving of a nice hard-cover presentation. Now the question becomes "who'll produce this book?" Asuka? Lulu? Blurb? AdoramaPix?

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  1. Hi there Alex, Nancy's work is just marvelous and I share your enthusiasm for Lightroom, I am a recent convert!
    I am here to offer you an AdoramaPix book gratis. Please contact me at and we'll work out the details. Looking forward to working with you!