Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Some folks get roses for Valentine's Day. Others ask for chocolates.
Some couples want dinner at their favorite spot, with candlelight and table linens.

I want to take Nancy dancing.

As someone who has always felt like a penguin abandoned on the dance floor, this is tough. My body doesn't move the way it used to. Parts of me are hard to work around. Heck, even finding clothes that I feel comfortable in, is a real feat. Nothing off the rack fits around this protruding hernia and ostomy. Shirt tails don't tuck in quite the way they used to... if at all.

When I woke up from the coma, I had been in Spain (I think... might have been Italy)... celebrating getting married. The party on the lawn was over, the food was being put away, the last of the kids carried off to bed. We had danced throughout the night. Now it was quieting down. A slow song still played, each note hung from the tree branches like paper lanterns. The glow was almost gone, not quite.

And Nancy and I kept dancing. Slowly, but still dancing. So tired and so happy. I would have kept going till dawn.

So when I woke up, and saw those scared but relieved eyes looking down at me, I was so glad I would have the chance to finally dance that dance. For Valentine's Day, I am taking Nancy dancing. I may still be a penguin lost on the dance floor, but at least I will be out there, dancing.


  1. I married a non-dancer who has both beat and rhythm he knows how to play a guitar but we beg him not to dance-
    Your Nancy looks hot in RED- good color for her!
    PS- I enjoyed the playing- I love when Mark plays.

  2. Hearing Nancy play makes my day perfect. I love it when I hear her laughing fill the dining room and overflow into the living room. When the trio is playing full throttle and the music is rolling, all I want is for everything else to just hold off... to just leave me that moment. And I hold it fast to my heart.

  3. And what a fantastic dress! Hope you guys had FUN!