Friday, February 4, 2011

Renata and Stahl's show - First Friday exhibition at Gimme Coffee

Yesterday was First Friday in Ithaca and fifteen galleries and exhibition spaces were open to the public. This month our friends Stahl and Renata put together a fabulous installation at the Gimme Coffee on MLK Street in Ithaca. I think the combination of claywork and sculpture works amazingly well.

One of the unexpected surprises of the night, was running into our friends Renate and Lee Ginenthal.

Renata and Lola

Trying to photograph these sculptures on the walls of Gimme was very difficult. With the folks milling about, or worse, shooting over their heads as they sat and sipped wicked good coffee... it made setting up lights downright impossible. Luckily, Aurora was willing to play VAL for the evening. I love the way the drama of this piece comes to life in this image.

It was cold last night. Not "brutal-I-can't-go-outside-my-face-will-freeze-off" kind of cold, but still definitely February in Ithaca COLD. Renata brought over two hot chocolates for me and Aurora (my grip and VAL - voice activated lightstand - for the evening). Certainly made us all warm and happy inside.

So did you go to First Friday? Which openings did you attend? What surprised you? I know that Rochester has a First Friday event, but I don't know what other communities offer. We've been to the Hungerford Building for First Friday in Rochester, and that was amazing. You needed a guide to get you from one open studio to the next, but despite the labyrinthine passageways, the caliber of artwork was phenomenal. Definitely need to make our way out to First Fridays more often.

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