Saturday, February 5, 2011

TGHA - 14U Shooting Stars - Girl's Hockey

This is the best bunch of girls out there. Watching them play hockey every weekend is a treat. Today they played against the Jefferson Jaguars and held them 2-2. Definitely a very successful game!

I have been asked repeatedly throughout the year to photograph the girls on the ice. Unfortunately my recovery from my surgical debacle has made that difficult. Even standing still on the ice is tough. Two years ago I would stand on the bench behind the girls and shoot while they skated. No glass between me and them. Two years later, they toss the pucks much higher, much MUCH faster and harder, and that combines to make it wicked unsafe for me to be out on the bench without a helmet. Never mind the potential damage to my camera and lenses.

So I am limited to time when the pucks aren't flying.... before and after the games.

Watching the girls get ready to hit the ice is always exciting. Seeing them as they come off the ice can be hit or miss. After some games they come off the ice with smiles and laughter, and other days they are down in the mouth and scowling. Today was a good game.

Watch that goalie go!

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