Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TGHA - Last Home Game for the season

There is something so amazing watching Aurora and her teammates hit the ice at Lynah Rink. Normally we are there to watch the Cornell University Men or Women's hockey teams. It is completely different seeing our girls out there. No loud pep band. No huge crowds. And still, it is an amazing feat to watch. The girls played their hearts out. Now they face the FLAG tourney this weekend, then sectionals the following weekend. If all goes well, they'll be heading to the States competition three weeks from now.

As always, prints and digital files are available for family and friends.
Feel free to email me for a password for the zenfolio site where you can order prints directly.


  1. Man, a person could learn a thing or two from you about candid photography. Outstanding.

  2. Thank you Sean. That is some high praise indeed. I'd love to talk more with you, if you've got time. Email?