Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time To Move

Nancy and I have talked time and time again about where we are going to move next. (Don't panic yet... it won't happen for quite a while yet.)

Our short list includes: Nova Scotia, Seattle (etc), coastal Maine, or Rochester.

Yeah, the last one is kind of funny, right?

Well, here's what we're finding... we really like spending time in Rochester. We have great friends in the greater Rochester area. It is a fun city with an amazing arts community. Lots of great neighborhoods. Most of all, there's a chance we could buy a house near a REALLY big lake, which while not quite the same as living by the sea, comes pretty darned close. Winters are much more severe (look it up if you don't believe me... Rochester's weather is wicked!)...and Nancy and I want MORE winter, not less.

Why is Rochester on my mind? Today I had to zip up there for visit with my new Wound Ostomy Care Nurse, part of the Rochester Colon and Rectal Surgery practice. Now... by and large... I wouldn't say going to the doctor is fun. Truth be told, I get scared every time I walk into a doctor's office. My BP goes up, I get claustrophobic, my anxiety starts spinning... and sometimes it gets the better of me. Last week, I met with a surgeon who thinks he can fix all the various aspects of my abdomen that have been torn asunder.... in ONE surgery. Not two or three like everyone else has said would be necessary.

On my drive back from Rochester, the light was phenomenal. The snow glowed! Despite my desire to skedaddle home to Nancy as fast as the van could carry me, I had to stop. The light doesn't wait. And it never falls the on the same shadow twice.


  1. best of luck in your search and where ever you go I know you will make it home.

  2. It isnt really a "search" yet, as much as it is an exploration. We're here in T-burg/Ithaca for the near future... but if an opportunity presents itself, these are the only places we'd consider uprooting for.