Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winter, oh Winter

These images were taken at Der Rosenmeister Nursery in Ithaca NY, on a "warm" winter day, after it had snowed the day before. Leon Ginenthal had posted some images of his garden in winter, back at the beginning of the month. Check out his latest blog posts to hear more about cold climate rose growing.

At this point in the deepest part of Winter, it is hard to imagine that Spring is coming. When the weather turns bitter, the wind picks up and tosses hard biting snow down your collar... it's hard to believe that these frozen buds will soon swell into blooms.

Only the most tenacious hold on through the winter. The rest are set free on the wild howling winds that sweep the land.

This winter has given us everything... snow, sleet, wind, ice, thunder, rain, chunks, frosting, and sparkles on the lake as steam froze.... all in the span of a few weeks.

This lonely bench calls me out. I remember this setting when it was lush and redolent with roses warmed in the sun. The bees were so loud as to create a wall of white noise. And yet, somehow, it was tranquil.

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