Thursday, March 31, 2011

A flickr page for the last of the pots

This is it folks. The last pots heading out the door. Hopefully these will all find a home tonight or before the weekend.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What is left?

I have had a few folks emailing and asking WHAT'S left?
Well, I am not sure. I have found more pots and
not all of them have been photographed yet.
That said, here are the ones I am pretty sure haven't been
snapped up this week.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving On

This white/pink teabowl found a home this weekend.

This past weekend, the family collectively decided that if I am no longer making pots, selling pots or teaching pottery, then the family collection of pots needed some weeding through. So we sorted our collection, eventually removing over 70 pots from our shelves. Most of these are pots that I picked up from other potters as seconds, or they are some of my experiments... but I no longer need to live with them. Some of these pots have definitely been used, others have never seen food. Great pots for sure, but when you have too many, you have TOO MANY.

Is anyone interested in seeing these pots (or adopting them) before they are sent to the shard heap? Make me an offer before next weekend... March 26-27. After that, the shard pile gets dibs.

To give you an idea of what pots I am looking at getting rid of, here are a few images:

Heading home with Carol B.


I am surprised that no one has reached out to snag these teabowls. GONE


This tumbler was the first tumbler I ever made. I had housemates in Belchertown (yes, that was the real name of the town) who wanted something special for their weekly milkshake making. So I made a batch of these tumblers. They kept four of them, and I ended up with this one. The upshot is that this was the best of the lot!

If you want to see the whole lot, ask! Send me an email, post a comment. Let me know. Otherwise, I will assume that this collection has served its function and is ready to move on.

More Puppy Love

Are you tired of puppy pics yet? You sure? Friends and family keep asking how Georgia gets along with the other furry four-legged family members. For the most part, they work out their differences. Lately Ferro has taken it upon himself to swat away Georgia's friendly advances. Sometimes claws are extended but most days, he just bats her head as fast as he can get away with it.

This weekend the cat/dog animosity seemed to have reached detente. This morning, I caught the two of them actually gently playing and socializing. I just had to get a picture of it. Can't wait till the cats figure out that puppies are warm and cuddly.

Ferro and Georgia, rubbing faces.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pots Needing A New Home

This is one of Nancy's canisters. Really sweet Butter yellow glaze. Taken by Frostina

This mug was very hard to part with. This was given to me by Elizabeth Hewitt. I love this mug dearly and have kept it out of circulation through my daughter's adolescence for fear that it would end up in shards. I just couldn't bear the thought of this mug not surviving after all that Elizabeth has been through. So it needs a home where someone will give it lots of love and attention and care. (this one will be going to live with Steph. Enjoy!)

This little mug is heading down to Kathy Purdy's house. Soon to be filled with a plant or bulb.

This was one of the early footed mugs... unfortunately there is a fatal crack running up one side. A customer returned it after having poured boiling water into the mug on a cold granite countertop. We learned about thermal extremes that day. Cute little mug though.

This was one of Aurora's first bowl attempts. Great tangerine glaze. GONE

Taken by Frostina

These two images are of a mug I made for the Humanities and Arts department fundraiser when I was at USU. Made a whole slew of these mugs. This one had the best handle, so I kept it! Feels amazing in the hand.


Gorgeous tenmoku glazed mug. Feels wonderful!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Georgia, Being Georgia

This weekend has flown past. When I look at the rotting snow outside, and feel the gentle warmth from the bright sun, I know that Spring is finally (almost) here. Then again, I said that a week ago and then it snowed again. Looking out across all these footprints and postholes caused by non-stop puppy potty-walking... I have to laugh. What used to be a yard with perfectly smooth blankets of snow is now more moon-like thanks to endless walks with Georgia. This morning we were outside six times before noon.

It really is like having a newborn again. Life revolves around routines of food, potty and learning basic skills. The spare time is filled with lots of naps and copious love. That last bit is wonderful. No question. And she always has enough love to go 'round.

More Pots - heading to other homes

This is one of my fake ash and "active" slips under... made while at Alfred NYSCC. This one has a fatal crack. It says "thunk" when tapped with a finger. No longer does it ring like a bell. Still can hold dry foods, but I wouldn't try to drink hot soup on the couch with it.

Found this little vase at a garage sale in Northampton MA in 1992. Sweet little pot.

These two are from Jan Brown, a local potter and amazing human being! These bowls need to live at potlucks. They just beg to be served from. (And these 2 bowls are going home with Stephanie Lyon)


This last tumbler is one of Neil Estrick's from USU...back during our first summer when we both entered grad school. Neil had built a tiny little salt kiln that just begged to be hammered every other week. Some very fun pots came out of that summer.

Just Givin' It Away -day three of the great pottery giveaway

(These seven thumb-sized bowls are heading home with Stephanie Lyon)

These little tiny, thumb sized pots were made by a student from Wyoming, when I was in grad school at USU. Sweet little pots. Great if you like shots of whiskey or espresso! Or for putting earrings in. :)

Another great woodfired vase. Rich saturated red claybody.
(Snapped up by Lee G. last night! enjoy.)

One of Nancy's first bowls. (Scooped up for Tobi A.)

(another one scooped up for Tobi A.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Puppy Love

Just look at those eyes. How can you say no? Scary smart doesn't even come close to describing her. She LOVES positive reinforcement (don't we all?) When treats are called for, carrots are her preferred morsel. Today there are bits of shredded carrots all over the dining room floor and living room. (a note of warning to our dinner guests... check your toes for carrot debris before leaving.)

One of the big reasons we wanted to get a puppy was in hopes that it would be an opportunity for Aurora to experience unrequited love. This dog is the biggest love sponge I have ever met. She can give it as much as she can take it in! And there is no better feeling than laughing with a puppy romping into the air and through the snow outside.

Up For Grabs - day 3... so much more coming!

This mug has the softest blue glaze, and a nice recess where your hand passes through the handle. (Going home with Lizabeth Cain! Enjoy)

This oil lamp has never been used. I love the glaze combination.

This unglazed bowl is silky smooth, sanded and just wonderful. Small enough to hold entirely in your hand. TAKEN


This teabowl was glazed in Amber Celadon. Wonderful glaze for showing off texture. Not sure who made this one, but it was picked up while I was at Alfred Univ. (heading home with Billie Mitchell)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Up For Grabs - the beginning of the end, day 2

These are probably some of our most recent acquisitions. Just no room on the mug shelf. GREAT colors and very nice in the hand. (and they were swooped up by Lee & Renate!)

I made this while I was at Alfred, trying to figure out how to make drippy fake-ash glazes. Fun stuff. Old way of making handles for me. I think this was the last mug I ever made with the handle pulled free from the pot.

Salt glazed bowl, but I am not sure where I picked it up. Probably while I was in Utah.
(Going home with Lewis Ward)

This is a small oval vase, fits in the hand. From back in the days when our slabs were made with canvas. Nice little pot for an alcove or mantle. (Heading to my friend Debbie, down in GA)

Pots Up For Grabs

I wish everyone who wants these pots lived closer. This would be so much more fun in person. There are so many stories around these pots. Tales of the potters, the workshops, the firings,... and all that is really left is the pots themselves. Luckily, the images help convey some of my deep love for these pots (and their makers). I really hope that when people see these images of these pots they understand how much I have loved these pots. I will miss them dearly. There is just no room in this house for our huge collection. If I can't store them "for the day when I have a teaching job"... then they have to go off into the greater clay community.


This one has been spoken for (thank you Steph!)