Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Business of the Month at Ithaca's Alternatives Federal Credit Union

A few months ago I was asked to be the business-of-the-month at Ithaca's Alternatives Federal Credit Union. Part of this is putting together a presentation that fits into a kiosk adjacent to the teller walk-up area. Nancy and I juggled a couple different ideas, but as time pressed harder on my head each day, we finally succumbed to the Simple-Is-Better notion. (This is just for the month of March... starting tomorrow, March 2nd.)

This poster has some of my favorite portrait work... weddings, family portraiture, pet portraiture, etc. I thought about putting some of my more artistic images or the abstract work. We decided to save that for another venue, another time. I still want to do a book/show/exhibition of my floral macro shots.

After finishing Nancy's book: A Bang on the Ear last month, I want to see MORE of our work turned into books. In a digital age, there is something so revealing about a book being more powerful. More on that in my next blog posting about my experiences with AdoramaPix and book publishing. (short version... they ROCK!)... now we just need time to work on our books, and those for our clients! Fun stuff for sure.

For those of you who'd like a quick glimpse of Nancy's new book, here is a peek.

©2011, Nancy Solla


  1. Alex,

    I completely adore the book you made for Nancy. I had no idea how easy Adorama was making it to put together a custom book or how slick the visual interface of their preview would be. I definitely have to investigate this further.


  2. We've been looking at a LOT of different companies in terms of book publishing/printing. I needed something high-end for my art/design clientele, but I also need something middle of the road for more modest needs. I also am trying to find a great wedding album printer/publisher. Around here, no one even considers a wedding album that costs over $500. So, tons of companies to try and see what their performance and service looks like.