Sunday, March 27, 2011

Georgia, Being Georgia

This weekend has flown past. When I look at the rotting snow outside, and feel the gentle warmth from the bright sun, I know that Spring is finally (almost) here. Then again, I said that a week ago and then it snowed again. Looking out across all these footprints and postholes caused by non-stop puppy potty-walking... I have to laugh. What used to be a yard with perfectly smooth blankets of snow is now more moon-like thanks to endless walks with Georgia. This morning we were outside six times before noon.

It really is like having a newborn again. Life revolves around routines of food, potty and learning basic skills. The spare time is filled with lots of naps and copious love. That last bit is wonderful. No question. And she always has enough love to go 'round.

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