Sunday, March 6, 2011

I think I broke my blog - or how I learned to love "pages"

Over the past few months, I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate more traditional website functions with current Blogger offerings. About six months ago, I watched as Nancy created multiple "pages" in Blogger. Each page served a singular purpose... whether it be to show off her sewing links, her vintage fashion links, links to archicture and sustainable technology, ... all of these pages were just solid links and comments.

I knew there had to be a way to get more out of the "page" concept. I wasnt sure what I wanted though. About a week ago, I had a client ask me specifically if there was a way to create tabs at the top of the blog so that it could behave more like a regular website. I thought "that couldn't be too hard... right?" and I began trying to figure out how to do it.

This morning, the snow is coming down in sheets, the house is warm(ish), and we've played our first three games of chess. What that means is that I needed a break from all this break... which led me to do some work. I started playing around in Blogger and went back to my original ideas for tabs at the top of the page, and found, sure enough... they work! I played a little bit with the customization in the design module, just to give me the effect of a roll-over, and to adjust the CSS of the fonts etc.

So what did I use my pages for? I have been wanting a single place I could send folks to check out my portrait work, or my wedding photographs, or the artsy stuff. Eventually I aim to have a page of all my product photography too. This seems like a perfect place to put it, after having been posted to the blog as part of my weekly posting. Anyone else have a great use for "pages" on their blogs?

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  1. WordPress has had pages for a long time. I'm glad you can do the same thing in Blogger now.