Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Givin' It Away -day three of the great pottery giveaway

(These seven thumb-sized bowls are heading home with Stephanie Lyon)

These little tiny, thumb sized pots were made by a student from Wyoming, when I was in grad school at USU. Sweet little pots. Great if you like shots of whiskey or espresso! Or for putting earrings in. :)

Another great woodfired vase. Rich saturated red claybody.
(Snapped up by Lee G. last night! enjoy.)

One of Nancy's first bowls. (Scooped up for Tobi A.)

(another one scooped up for Tobi A.)


  1. those are great wee pots- how and why does looking at a photo take you back in time and make time seems so quick!

  2. Too true Meredith. It definitely takes me back in time. I remember when many of these pots were still warm from the kiln. I remember when the folks who made them gave them to me. I remember what they felt like the first time I used them (and the last time too!) I am so glad these pots are going to good homes.

  3. Did anyone grab the two yellow bowls? If not, I call dibs!

  4. Wow. Just realized that ALL the pots on this page are spoken for. Fantastic!