Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Pots - heading to other homes

This is one of my fake ash and "active" slips under... made while at Alfred NYSCC. This one has a fatal crack. It says "thunk" when tapped with a finger. No longer does it ring like a bell. Still can hold dry foods, but I wouldn't try to drink hot soup on the couch with it.

Found this little vase at a garage sale in Northampton MA in 1992. Sweet little pot.

These two are from Jan Brown, a local potter and amazing human being! These bowls need to live at potlucks. They just beg to be served from. (And these 2 bowls are going home with Stephanie Lyon)


This last tumbler is one of Neil Estrick's from USU...back during our first summer when we both entered grad school. Neil had built a tiny little salt kiln that just begged to be hammered every other week. Some very fun pots came out of that summer.

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