Monday, March 28, 2011

Pots Needing A New Home

This is one of Nancy's canisters. Really sweet Butter yellow glaze. Taken by Frostina

This mug was very hard to part with. This was given to me by Elizabeth Hewitt. I love this mug dearly and have kept it out of circulation through my daughter's adolescence for fear that it would end up in shards. I just couldn't bear the thought of this mug not surviving after all that Elizabeth has been through. So it needs a home where someone will give it lots of love and attention and care. (this one will be going to live with Steph. Enjoy!)

This little mug is heading down to Kathy Purdy's house. Soon to be filled with a plant or bulb.

This was one of the early footed mugs... unfortunately there is a fatal crack running up one side. A customer returned it after having poured boiling water into the mug on a cold granite countertop. We learned about thermal extremes that day. Cute little mug though.

This was one of Aurora's first bowl attempts. Great tangerine glaze. GONE

Taken by Frostina

These two images are of a mug I made for the Humanities and Arts department fundraiser when I was at USU. Made a whole slew of these mugs. This one had the best handle, so I kept it! Feels amazing in the hand.


Gorgeous tenmoku glazed mug. Feels wonderful!


  1. They are all so beautiful, Alex. I love the tenmoku glaze. Wish I had time to learn more about glazing.... someday!

  2. Me too Steph. There was a point, back in college - grad school, where my liner glaze was always a tenmoku. I had a luscious tenmoku. Miss using it, for sure. Any time you get back into clay, you let me know. I am happy to share what I know... recipes, formulation, fixing, mixing, you name it.

  3. Now that is a deal! Unfortunately, who knows when that will be.

  4. Red mug has been scooped up by Frostina