Friday, March 4, 2011

Sledding, Snowballs at Sectionals, in Skan-town

Yeah, I know,... we were supposed to be there to win the sectionals tournament against the Dreaded Camillus team. It didn't happen. Our girls played hard, but the final score was 3-0. No joy in Skaneateles this past weekend. After losing, the best thing we could do was to toss snowballs around. That made the whole weekend worthwhile.

After a rough game where feelings were more than a litte raw, it was either pack it all in for the drive home, or find something to break our girls out of their funk. Wendy, Stasia and Aurora decided the best thing to do was to toss snowballs around and do some sledding! I couldn't agree more. Afterwards we had a nice quick lunch at the local bowling alley. (The key thing to note here is that one should never overlook the local bowling alley as an eatery establishment.)

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