Thursday, March 24, 2011

Up For Grabs - the beginning of the end

Over the past week, lots of folks emailed, mentioning that they would be willing to give these great pots homes, (some even offered money!) but they wanted to see ALL the pots that are available. Here you go... the first batch, shot this morning. Each day I will add a few more in hopes of eventually getting all of them shot. Please let me know you want a particular pot via the blog or email. Be specific, and let me know how we're getting this pot to you.

This bottle and small bowl were made by Jason Hess at Utah State back in 1996-7. Great wood fired effects. The cork on the bottle is sealed tight, and the small bowl has a small crack. Otherwise, amazing pots!

I made this as a demo pot for my handbuilding class. Nice kaolin flashing slip, and salt fired at USU ca.1996-7.

No idea who made this. Ended up in my collection at the end of the year when shelves were being emptied and someone thought that it was mine because these were my Copper Red and AA Copper Green glazes. Nice vase.

One of my first woodfired pots at USU. Nice fly-ash effect.


  1. I love it. Not even half a day has passed, and the two Jason Hess pots from today's post are heading off to a friend of mine. Awesome! I am so glad that folks can enjoy these pots. Thank you Billie!

  2. its my honor to have anything that you have had in your collection! i would have gone for yours too.. but i am a lucky person to have two pieces of yours! and i didnt want to be greedy! i really wanted another one of yours! but i will be nice! lol thank you so much alex!

  3. And Lois W takes the studio demo pot. Nice!

  4. I'd love the fly-ashy one if it hasn't yet been adopted.

  5. @Spirit... I wish I knew your proper name... remind me?