Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up For Grabs - day 3... so much more coming!

This mug has the softest blue glaze, and a nice recess where your hand passes through the handle. (Going home with Lizabeth Cain! Enjoy)

This oil lamp has never been used. I love the glaze combination.

This unglazed bowl is silky smooth, sanded and just wonderful. Small enough to hold entirely in your hand. TAKEN


This teabowl was glazed in Amber Celadon. Wonderful glaze for showing off texture. Not sure who made this one, but it was picked up while I was at Alfred Univ. (heading home with Billie Mitchell)


  1. Ohh, Alex, I'd love to have the blue mug. Is it spoken for?

  2. Looks like the amber celadon teabowl is heading home with Billie and the blue mug is going with Lizabeth. AWESOME!