Friday, March 25, 2011

Up For Grabs - the beginning of the end, day 2

These are probably some of our most recent acquisitions. Just no room on the mug shelf. GREAT colors and very nice in the hand. (and they were swooped up by Lee & Renate!)

I made this while I was at Alfred, trying to figure out how to make drippy fake-ash glazes. Fun stuff. Old way of making handles for me. I think this was the last mug I ever made with the handle pulled free from the pot.

Salt glazed bowl, but I am not sure where I picked it up. Probably while I was in Utah.
(Going home with Lewis Ward)

This is a small oval vase, fits in the hand. From back in the days when our slabs were made with canvas. Nice little pot for an alcove or mantle. (Heading to my friend Debbie, down in GA)


  1. I'd like the turquoise vase. Can imagine lots of lovely flowers from my garden in it. Is the mug glazed on the inside? If so, I've been wanting a good Sunday mug. Would be even better for it to have been made by a friend:-) Debbie

  2. Debbie,
    The little oval vase is SMALL. Some folks refer to this size as "mommy pots"... as in, Mommy, look I brought you "wild" flowers. Probably fit comfortably in your palm. VERY small. 3.5" tall x 4.5" long x 1.5"wide.

    The small mug is glazed with a super dark blue glaze on the inside. The color breaks to rust on the edges. Very sweet little mug. Probably holds about a cup of liquid. Not a huge mug.

  3. And the M.Lambert bowl is heading home to Lewis Ward. Enjoy!