Saturday, March 12, 2011

Waiting To See Georgia

This morning started early for me. Up before 4am with major shoulder and back pain. Nothing new really, but the hotel bed made things worse.With precious little sleep, I have been watching the sun rise over the Holyoke Range in Amherst/Hadley. Sure do miss this scene! Having gone to school here over 20 yrs ago, it is strange being back and seeing what has changed and what is still the same. But that isn't what's most on my mind this morning.

Today my thoughts are filled with excitement, anxiety, trepidation, suspense, and just plain WOW. We are going to get our puppy, Georgia, in a few hours. Three to be exact. It reminds me of when Aurora was born. My biggest worry was whether or not she would like me. Go figure. Talk about insecure. I haven't been around puppies in eons. And today we're taking one home! A six hour drive with frequent stops to pee and run around. Sounds like a blast!

At this point though, I think coffee is in order. Time to stretch the eyelids, get the blood flowing and see if I cant get a short walk in before we pile in the car for the short drive to the puppy breeder's place in Noho. I am so excited!!

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