Saturday, April 30, 2011

Romping at Taughannock State Park with Georgia

We have been busy this weekend, doing all the things we haven't been able to do for weeks due to the immense amount of unceasing rain we've had. During our drive this afternoon, we figured out that we've had at least 20 days of rain this month. More than 8inches of rain have fallen, just in April, for a yearly total so far of 16" total. As a result, the ground is so soggy!

Today was bright and windy enough to almost be mistaken for the beginnings of Spring. Here we are... end of April... and we haven't had sunny days in a LONG while. After lunch we got the family and the puppy into the van and headed down to the lake.

Normally, a nice sunny day means heading to the lake.... except that the lake has flooded with all of the runoff. By flooding, I mean that the creeks and tributaries have become torrents. With all of this rain, we have focused on the activities we could do indoors, and tried NOT to think about the fact that our garden looks like a huge mud puddle.

My thinking, was that if we had to deal with having a muddy puppy, at least at the lake we could wash her down in the lake before getting back in the van. Up until today, the farthest Georgia has gone in the lake is the tips of her toes. Today she went for an inadvertent swim!

Normally, this little inlet is a tiny dry culvert, feeding the southern end of the park at Taughannock. The beach is typically small stones, and debris ridden. Today it was more like a floating mulch pile! That didn't stop Georgia from jumping right in though.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Ruff Too Tuff To Fluff

In less than five weeks, Georgia has gone from a shy puppy to an ever-expanding pup whose range of experiences seems to know no bounds. A week ago she was terrified of the road; this week she is happy to walk the length of our block (and then some!) She has had three trips to the lake to explore the water and park setting. Each trip brings new experiences... and she has let us know when she's had enough.

Today Trumansburg experienced a wicked windstorm which tore limbs from our pines and littered our yard with debris. Georgia took this as a sign that she was meant to play with every stick she could find! Tonight she has lovely pine-scented breath.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Puppy Time (with Sabra!)

Folks wonder how I can spend all of my time with my puppy. Well, I don't.
Sometimes I spend time with my family (playing with the puppy). Some days I have friends come and visit... and we play with the puppy. Other times I head to the park, with the puppy.

My dear friend pointed out that Georgia is no longer really a puppy in my eyes. I asked how she could tell. She said that I praised Georgia by calling her a "good dog". Wow. The bloom is off the rose. Can it be? Nah, just a slip of the tongue and a wag of the tail.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Have I Been Doing?

Normally I would be up to my ears in portrait shoots this time of the month. Not this year. Right now I am working on multiple blogs for clients, as well as websites and other promotional/marketing/SEO type stuff. Fun, for sure, but by and large, very little to show as static images for your viewing interest.

Here's a quick look at a few of the sites I have been working on:

Namaste Montessori School is located in Ithaca NY, and is run by Bridgid Beames. We've known Bridgid since Aurora was 4, and Aurora attended Ithaca Montessori School where Bridgid was head-of-school. Now, Bridgid has taken her new school to new heights by expanding their program to include elementary students (ages 6-12!!) along with an expansion into a new location in Jacksonville. Here's a link to her new website. Bear in mind, this is only temporary as we start working on a new website which will combine all the normal website stuff with a Wordpress blog function as well. Montessori schools see so much happening both in school and throughout the community that constant communication is critical for everyone involved. A blog/website is perfect! (That piece is in development and should be ready by summertime.)

Renata Wadsworth is a local, Ithaca/Danby potter, whose work consistently amazes me. She was getting ready for her first show of the season last month, at Craft Boston, when she got an email complaining about how out of date her website was. So, I jumped in, made a quick Wix site for her, using some of the images I took back in November. I think the long term plan for Renata's site is to include the option for e-commerce as she begins to develop her own gallery space next year. At this point, the new website is still very much up in the air and open to change and development.