Monday, May 16, 2011

Chaos of Color... to be followed by rain

In the few short days of bright sunshine, warm temperatures and dryness, everything bloomed.
Not necessarily in their normal order though. Some plants which normally we wouldn't see in full bloom until the end of May are nearly blooming now. Other plants which normally are still thoroughly in full color until well past Mother's Day didn't make it through last weekend. In some cases, flowers just melted right on the plant. It looked almost as though someone had come through a toilet papered our yard in dying colors.

Normally forsythia is the harbinger of warmer days, sunshine and the return of robins and blackbirds. This year the forsythia put on a very brief show before folding up the tent and closing the circus. In this one particular image, I was surprised to see how waxy and almost cheese-like the petals of this bloom appeared. Macro lenses sure do bring you in a lot closer! Taken just a step back, this is what the forsythia looked like... but shot with a non-macro lens.

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