Sunday, May 22, 2011

Julie Crosby's Wood Firing Process

One of the prerequisites for firing with wood, is having a kiln (usually) pretty far from town, set in a beautiful pastoral setting, with stunning views. Well... Julie Crosby has all of those requirements in spades! I went out there Friday afternoon late, to watch as her firing began.

At this point in the firing, she was feeding small bits of wood just to raise the temperature slowly. I think the kiln was still around 600 ... basically just warming the big beast of a kiln up slowly.

By nightfall, this kiln would be roaring along, eventually reaching temperatures close to 2400⁰F, glowing with all the heat of a roaring volcano. Alas, I was too fatigued to return for night-time shots of this firing. I aim to be back in October for her next big firing! Now I have to wait till Monday or Tuesday to get a peek inside the kiln to see how the flame and wood ash, and all the heat has transformed Julie's pots!


  1. Thanks Alex for a peek into Julie's firing process...As always her hear and passion goes into every firing. As her mother she never ceases to amaze me. She is as always one of my pride and joys. Looking forward to more pictures...Thanks again

  2. Wait till you see the images of the pots that survived the firing. Julie had some FANTASTIC pots that came out. Cary and Casey had some gorgeous pots turn out spectacularly too. Lots of great work from everyone involved! Hoping to post those pictures Monday or Tuesday.