Friday, May 20, 2011

Shooting Between the Drops of Rain

Normally, when the bleeding heart begin to bloom, I start thinking about mowing the yard for the first time of the season. Usually, nights are still cold and it takes the morning sun to warm the dew. As this week draws to a close, each day has had rain at some point or another... every day, for a week. Normally, for Spring, one expects a little rain, here and there. But we have had steady rainfall, almost every day since the second week of March. Yeah, two solid months. Our soil has never been dry enough to turn over.

Some of our small shrubs are leafing out but others look like they may actually rot in the ground this year. Our entire yard is splashy!

All of these images were taken with a Nikkor 60mm Micro/macro lens on a Nikon D300s. Between the body and the lens were three stacked extension tubes (same ones I wrote about earlier this week.) I had very high hopes (and obvious misunderstandings) of them enabling me to move myself farther away from my subject while maintaining a 1:1 ratio. Instead I turned my macro lens into a magnifying glass, and ended up needing to be almost touching my subject in order to be within the narrow focusing range of this arrangement. Not what I wanted. So, I sent back the set of extension tubes and will take that money and put it towards a 105mm macro. Might not be able to afford it before the year's end, but for next Spring, that would be a nice addition to the lens stable.My concern right now is that with Nikon's lens manufacturing at a standstill post-tsunami/earthquake/and nuclear disaster... this lens is on backorder everywhere. Might not have any on the shelves for a while.

A couple closing thoughts about our flowers: most of our alliums bloom sometime the last week of May, and into the first week of June. Strangely enough, they are early this year. We also had two German bearded irises bloom today.

My biggest frustration right now is that with all this rain, the weeds have taken control of the garden, leaving me with a much bigger chore ahead of me this summer. Add to that the massive influx of black flies and all of a sudden, life indoors looks like a mighty fine prospect.

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