Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Spring That Nearly Wasn't

Hellebores (aka Lenten Rose), this is the first year this clump
has bloomed for me. I assumed that where we had planted it
wasn't an ideal condition.... then POP!

Today marks the third day of sun in May. We only had 4 days in April where it didn't rain. How is that possible?

Grape Hyacinths (muscari), such tiny little blue flowers, but massed... oh yeah!

Flowers that normally would be in full bloom for Mother's Day are either still waiting to open, or they've bloomed and have rotten on the stem in the copious deluge of the past few weeks. Today was the first day where I have been able to go outside and shoot without wearing muckboots. In May. When I tried to mow the yard yesterday, the areas that normally are lush and occasionally wet, were instead more like bogs! I very nearly got the mower stuck in one spot. Afterwards, I thought about what I would have done to get the mower out if I had gotten it stuck in the boggy mud. Probably would have had to wait till it all dried out.

This year our cherry trees are covered in white! Today, being the first really warm sunny day in months, they went from being closed buds to just popping open. You can almost hear the sigh from all the bees. Where has Spring been?

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